Tuckahoe Hammer-in

Come join us for our annual Hammer-in on the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show grounds, located at 11472 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601.  The event date is: September 7th only. This year we will be having a one-day teaching conference.  There will be several forges running simultaneously with different teaching stations.  The stations will vary between beginners blacksmithing, beginners knife making, intermediate forging, etc.  People will take turns going to whichever stations they want to, try as many as you want to.  So invite your friend who always wanted to try forging iron but never had the chance.  This event is open to anyone who wants to come, however actually forging will be limited to 12 years old and above.  Of course you’re not required to forge, you are welcome to simply come and watch and share your knowledge. click here to down load the registration.

Tuckahoe Hammer-in Cancellation

We are sad to announce the cancellation of the Mid-Atlantic Smiths Association’s  Metalsmith Conference, scheduled for September 8-9, 2018, at the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Association in Easton.  The reason for the cancellation is simply because we were not able to line up a demonstrator. Instead of trying to cobble together a halfhearted show with very little notice, we have decided to regroup stronger for next year.  We will have the Bill Gichner Memorial Hammer-in event in January, as always and also the joint Furnace Town event March 30 – 31. The good news is that we have a demonstrator lined up for the 2019 Tuckahoe Metalsmith Conference.  Next year Jennifer Horn from Daisy Hill Forge will be demonstrating.  For anyone who was able to attend the ABANA Conference in June, she demonstrated in the farrier tent.  We deeply apologize for the turn of events. We look forward to seeing everyone in January and next year at Tuckahoe.

2018 Bill Gichner Memorial Hammer-in

This year’s demonstrator will be Kirk Sullens of Artistry With Unity.  Check out his website: www.kirksullensmetalart.com.  He used to work for Bass Pro in their blacksmith shop and made the fireplace screen at Arundel Mills Bass Pro.  He will be demonstrating one of his sculptures.  The conference runs from January 5 – 7, 2018.  For the registration form click here.


As a notice to everyone attending our January Hammer-in we have had an unfortunate change of demonstrators. Due to recent political issues overseas, our Ukrainian smiths will not be able to make it this year. We are working on a fill in demonstration and the event will go on as scheduled. We will have a great time of education and sharing like we always do. So please remember to send in your form. The sooner the better so we can have a head count for food. Thanks and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

2017 Bill Gichner Memorial Hammer-in

The Annual Bill Gichner Memorial Hammer-In at the Hutchison Brothers farm in Cordova, Maryland, will soon be here.  The event will be held on January 6 – 8.

This year’s demonstrators will be five special guests from Ukraine.  Sergiy Polubotko, Anatoliy Rudik, and Mykola Laptyuk will be the blacksmith demonstrators.
Mrs. Olga Polubotko will narrate Saturday’s presentation.  Mr. Polubotko is dedicated to furthering the art of blacksmithing as an organizer of the International Blacksmith
Festival Sviato Kovaliv in Ivano-Frankivsk. Mr. Rudick worked with MASA member Bruce Jarrell on a University of Maryland Baltimore Student Center project
featured in ABANA’s Winter 2013 issue of The Anvil’s Ring. Mr. Rudick and Dr. Jarrell demonstrated at ABANA’s 2014 Dover conference.  For further details and registration paperwork click here.

2016 MASA Tuckahoe Hammer-in

Good evening everyone. We’re sorry with delay but details for our annual Tuckahoe Hammer-in are now up. It took a while to find a demonstrator. Seems everyone is busy this year, which is a wonderful thing for the craft. People say blacksmithing is a dying art but in truth it is growing by leaps and bounds.

This year’s demonstrator will be Alan Rurark master blacksmith & metal fabricator from E.R. Harvey Metalworking Company. He will be forging a scaled down replica of the “Georgetown University Cross“ Click here for a registration form.

UMES Mosely Gallery Delmarva Metalworks Exhibit

This year we are hosting an event at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Mosely Gallery.  The gallery is located at the Arts and Technology Center at 11931 Art Shell Plaza in Princess Anne, Maryland.  The opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 23, 2016 from 4 – 6 pm.  The exhibit continues through July 28.  Admission is free and summer hours are Tuesday through Thursday 10 am to 4 pm.

We are asking for items to be contributed for the gallery, anyone is welcome to offer a piece or pieces.  The types of items that are shown on the display table at the winter Gichner’s hammer-in would do well.  Items that can be on pedestals or on the floor or, depending on weight, the wall. If a piece needs to be on a wall, then the artist should be there to mount it correctly or send directions so it can mount it correctly. Security is reasonably good. Susan Holt (the director) did not have a problem with knives.

Anyone interested in contributed an item please contact Mark Williams at 410-726-4415 or 410-632-0914 or through e-mail at williamsiron@comcast.net